Monday, 26 August 2013

Bad driving weekend

Whilst most people have been enjoying the BBQ weather this bank holiday weekend, there have been some people who've taken it upon themselves to bring sorrow and misery to the roads. 

Three times this weekend I've witnessed driving which I thought i'd never see outside of the Vodka fuelled Russian capital. 

On Sunday going along the motorway a car swerved in front of another car as it suddenly decided it wanted to stay on the motorway, and not exit. It was centimetres away from a high speed, and probably fatal accident. As I got side by side with the muppet, expecting Kermit the frog or Bert and Ernie, there was a man with a phone in one hand, and a map in the other. Not quite believing it, and deciding it was my duty to try and get him to stop what he was doing, I gave him the full duel horn affect.  he took no notice. He overtook me, still with no hands on the wheel. I decided waving my hands out the window and shouting was the next stage. Still nothing. He then decided he wanted to be in my lane, and cut in front of me.  Short of ramming him in a US police style pit manoeuvre there wasn't much I could do. He had at least got one hand on the wheel by this time. An accident waiting to happen. I was angry and wish I could legally lob a grenade into his open window.

Sunday evening now, and driving along a 60mph road, I find a car doing 30mph. I held back for a while, and then overtook when it was safe to do so. I got the flashing light treatment for this, and they decided to then speed up and follow me. The story doesn't end there however. As I neared a roundabout and slowed down to the appropriate speed to take it, I heard screeching tyres behind me and in the mirror saw the car i had overtaken, plough into the sign post on the island of the roundabout. It would seem that the reason why this driver was doing 30mph to start with is because they cant handle the car anything over this speed! Clearly they shouldn't be driving.

Monday afternoon, and the last of the bad drivers.  On a 60mph road again, and i spot some reversing lights at the side of the road. Wondering what might be about to happen, i slow to 40mph. Just as well, as a van had decided to reverse out of a driveway, straight onto this fast section of road. I had time to stop.  If i had been the drive previously revered to, i would not have noticed the reverse lights, would have panicked and swerved and ploughed into an oncoming car, or a tree.  This van then decided to do 35mph on a road which is safe for 60mph plus, and jam on its breaks for no good reason at one point as well.  I had enough and overtook on a straight, and safe section.  Now even more shocked and appalled at the state of driving skill i had witnessed during the weekend

So in summary... It is not speed that kills, it is the drivers who cant drive at 30mph, and cant handle their car anything over this speed.  You can drive fast, and safely - its just you have to know the limits of your car, and what situations are safe, and not safe!  These drivers put lives in their hands every day, and this is when the roads are dry and fairly empty. Imagine what happens when these drivers try to drive when its raining, dark, or icy.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

British Touring Cars Championship - Thruxton

It was a great day at the BTCC at Thruxton. The only two faults were the family next to us who appeared to have purchased the entire stock of "bad foods to eat" from Waitrose, (seriouslym they didnt stop eating ALL day!) and the sun wasnt out - apart from that it was Brilliant!!

The whole day was truly well organised, with a full schedule of racing - not just from the starts of the BTCC but also other racing such as the Junior Ginnetta's, Porche cup, and Renault Clio Cup.  In between all the races there was a max of 15 mins of gap - and on sitting right near the chicane the fun didnt stop all day.

Right on the first race, one of the junior Ginnetta's spun out on the chicane. He thought it would be a great idea to spin the back wheels and get back to facing the right way. It was a good idea, it had only only failing - the other car that was just entering the chicane, and could not stop before smashing into the back of the one that had just spun out.  The driver had to retire, and it was not their fault at all.

There were plenty of other cars spinning out, and losing control. There was more fun in 10 minutes of racing here, than there would be watching an entire F1 race!  So if you re thinking of going - it is well recommended.  Just make sure you take enough food to out match the fat family who may be sat next to you!

Saturday, 6 April 2013


Driving through a town this morning, a cyclist in some shorts that were obviously two sizes too small, and meant for a child was ahead of me.  I slowed down, as he was wobbling all over the road.  Just about to overtake him, and he glances behind him for about half a second. then without hesitation pulls right in front of me to turn right.  Had i not slowed down, i would have run him over and probably killed him - and no doubt it would have been all my fault!

There are, i'm sure - lots of responsible people who cycle, and wear the right size clothing, who are much more road aware.  However, with the cost of petrol, more and more idiots are taking to the road on their two wheels thinking they are invincible, and not thinking!  You only have to go to London to see what hell the cyclists bring to the roads. There are also countless videos on YouTube from cyclists who wear cameras on their helmets, showing that they've apparently been almost killed because a car has overtaken them within the 50 foot radius they think they have rights to.  There is one who actually pulls up to a van, and kicks in the door because apparently it got too close when it overtook..  It did, but that was because the cyclist pulled into the middle of the road for no reason!

I have no problem in cyclists being on the road - but please have some respect for the other things on the road that can crush your bones in an instant. If you cant do that, get the bus or walk!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

How did they crash!?

Monday lunch time, on way to a popular shopping centre in Hampshire - coming across a head on accident on a 30mph road, was not the thing i was expecting to see. a Big cheese filled burger, and perhaps some shop lifters - yes.

The accident appears to have just happened. Two cars had gone head on, and the cars were obliterated at the front.  How they'd managed to even crash, and how they'd damaged their cars so bad is a mystery.   They must have been doing 50mph each!  More concerning though was the third car who again must have been doing over 40mph, and decided that instead of braking to avoid the crash, they'd go towards some metal railings. Great decision there, slow clap for you.  7 people then proceeded to get out of this car and all walk off in different directions! Presumably they had an important burger to eat, or were immigrants or some such.

So, the cause of this accident.  Well more than likely the cause on paper will go down as being speed. Which will mean speed camera's will be put up, and speed humps that could catch a Bowing 747 out. Yes these drivers appeared to have been speeding - but this does not mean speed was the cause.  They ineptness at driving properly is.  How did they crash on a straight road!? How did the other car not brake?  These drivers did not have the skills required for dealing with any potential hazards, and this was what caused it. People should go through a crash avoidance test either during, or just after their driving test.  There are some people id like to volunteer to be the pedestrians walking out in front of the car!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Two types of drivers

There are two types of drivers in this world...

1. The type who use their sun visors all time time, even if the moons a bit bright

2. The type who wear sunglasses, and can drive more than 5mph without sliding into a bush.

I was following someone this morning who at every corner was moving their sun visor about in order to block the big orange ball out. Its the first day we've really seen sun this year, and it wasn't that bright. They were inept at being able to do this without braking violently either.  Further proof came of their stupidity came when they approached a roundabout, and with their sun visor covering the top half of the driver side window, they failed to see the car coming on the roundabout, and pulled out in front of them.  Luckily the other driver was of driver type 2 - and had some sense. Crash averted!

Sun visors are there for when you really have no other option to be able to see the road. Not because you would prefer living in a dark cave, watching repeats of Steptoe and Son on a black and white TV, eating ryvita's all day.  They should come with a safety warning for stupid people, or taken away completely and the drivers given a blindfold - it would probably improve their driving skills!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Not a confident driver... stay at home when it snows!

Two hours of heavy snow fall, and the bad drivers come out in force!

Friday morning we had heavy snow in this part of the world, which started around 7:30am in the morning.  Police had warned people who didnt have to drive, to stay at home. What they really meant was "those who can't drive very well, please keep out the way of people who can!"

It had barely started settling on the roads and people were doing 5mph on a 60mph road.  Yes you should be careful, but there wasn't a chance of any slipping at this point.  30mph was safe and practical. As the snow starting settling heavily on the roads, drivers who were freaked out about the white stuff starting doing 2mph, and stopping on hills when their wheels slipped slightly - and then not being able to get going again.  This lead to lorrys and busses then getting stuck behind them, and the road network started shutting down. 

If these people could actually drive, and knew how to handle their cars - they'd be confident about going a little faster, and carrying on when the roads starting to get slippery - enough to keep going and power up the hills. 

Today i drove down a B road which hadnt been gritted, and was still quite icy. If you know how to drive, you can do 20mph, and still keep complete control of your car.  In front of me was someone in a 4 wheel drive, and they were doing 2 mph!!  Whats the point of you having a 4 wheel drive if you're going to do that?

Part of the driving test should be driving in icy conditions.  Those who fail to drive at least 10mph and keep the car on the road should not get their license. As we get more and more snowy weather in the UK, this serously needs to be considered.  No need to spend millions on new gritting trucks, just get the people who cant drive off the bloody road when it snows!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sticking to the speed limit does not make you a good driver

Last night I had a Ford Galaxy people carrier pull in front of me out of a petrol station.  This annoyed me a little, but i decided top give the driver the benefit of the doubt. 

However, my frustration became increasinly heightened as the driver was keen on doing 5 mph, and sometimes 10mph below the speed limit.  There was no need for this, the roads were dry, there was very limited traffic about. 

Next we came upto a roundabout, and they pulled into the lane to go left, rather than ahead. Thinking what was about to happen, i stayed back - and indeed they saw their mistake and pulled back into my lane to go straight ahead.

Again, they were doing 20mph in a 30mph limit, and I was starting to wonder how I was going to be able to get away from this driver before there was a simply monumental accident.  Next we came to a larage roundabout which was busy. This time in the right lane to go straight ahead of right, but with no signal they veered off to the right. A car coming the other direction wanting to go straight ahead had not expected them to do this due to lack of signal, and had to slam on their brakes to avooid a colision. The driver who I had been following made no reaction.

So before you judge someone who going too fast on the roads, please remember for every 1 of those peoploe who may be oing 1mph over the speed limit, there is someone who thinks they are the safest driver ever because they stick well under the speed limit. Not true!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Power Steering, causes deaths

The Subject of this post, may cause you to think "WTF is this douche bag on now?" but wait a moment, and you'll realise i'm actually talking some sense... this time.

Think about how easy it is to steer a car these days, how mostly you can turn your car with one hand, or even just a couple of fingers. Now think what possibilities that opens up for use of your other hand / fingers!  Texting, fiddling with your clothes, fiddling with the passengers clothes!! Changing a CD. The possibilities are endless, and if thought about enough, probably worrying.

Now think about whether all those things are possible if you had no power steering?  Believe me, they are not.  Without power steering you need both hands on the wheel at all times, unless changing gear! Otherwise you will crash, and spectacularly probably.  Whilst this may be less fun, and you wont be able to play with your passengers breasts whilst driving - this means that you are concentrating a lot more on actually steering the car, and therefore less accidents will occur.  No longer would accidents be caused by people texting / facebooking whilst driving!

A crazy idea?... or some element of truth here!?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Nissan Leaf - What's the point?

Recently there's been a lot of adverts for the Nissan Leaf - one today stated it was "the most popular 100% electric car"  So that means theyve sold two then!?

Fair play to the people who thought of, and designed this car - but its too early for anyone to actualy use an all electric car, unless all they do is drive 1 mile a week to the shops, in which case, they should be walking.  There's no infrastructure of electrical charging stations to be able to drive one on a day to day basis. The batteries are also very expesive, and if they are looked after carefully, will last a max of 5 years. Look after the battery in a bad way, it could last you 1 year - and then its about £5k to replace it.  So who are the two people that bought this car?   A tax man, and someone who lives in the woods all year round?